La Formule Gourmande à 40,50 €

Entrée + Plat + Dessert

La Formule Gourmet à 32,50 €

Entrée + Plat OU Plat+ Dessert

La Formule Junior à 16,50 €

Burger de Bœuf de Salers, de Poulet Fermier ou de Truite Rose - Frites et salade
Duo de crêpes au sucre ou au chocolat OU 2 boules de glaces aux choix

Entrances to the Card : 12,50 €
Six oysters "Fines de Claire" Marennes Oléron island N°3
Salted butter - Rye Bread - Pickled chopped shallots
6 huitres
Avocado tartare served with crayfish tails
Pomelo flesh - Aurora sauce
Tartare d'avocat
Marinated scallops carpaccio
On a spicy plancha fried blood sausage - Toast of walnut bread
Tartare d'avocat
Half-cooked foie gras terrine
Marbled with mellow apricots
Tartare d'avocat
Vegetables & prawns pasties fold with fresh pine nuts
Thaï vinaigrette sauce with cilentro
Tartare d'avocat
Organic poached egg - Asperagus Rissotto
Carpaccio of smoked duck fillet from Les Landes
Tartare d'avocat
Pan fried Razor clams
With caper and turmeric butter
Tartare d'avocat
Main Courses to the Card : 20,50 €
Confit duck thingh from Les Landes (Southwest France)
Salardaises sautéed of rattes potatoes
Minute chopped Salers beef tartare
home french fries - Salad
Joue de boeuf
Sautéed calf’s kidneys flamed with Cognac
Fresh tarragon mustard sauce - Fresh tagliatelles
Plancha grilled duck filled form Gers
Polenta corn cake made with Parmesan cream
Herdshire beef tab - Salted butter candied shallots
home french fries
Plancha bass filet - Orange butter spicy custard
Smal zucchini & mushroom flan
Pavé de truite
Pavé of French pink trout - Sauce virgin
Lentilles Beluga à la Provençale
Pavé de truite
Cheese Selection, Home Made Desserts, Artisan Ice Creams to the Card : 12,50 €
Cheese selection plate go the moment served with saladFraises
Gourmet café with three iny treatsFraises
Bergamot lime tart topped with meringue
Earl grey shortbread
Profiteroles served with a dark Valrhona chocolate
Vanilla ice cream - Almond flakes - Chantilly cream
Valrhona Taïnori Feuillantine - Vanilla custard
Artisanal chestnut ice cream with chunks of candied chestnut
Fresh fruits Pavlova - Artisan peach fruit sorbet
Meringue petals - Chantilly Cream-Red fruit dressing
Genuine sweetness of Tatin caramelized pears
On a salted butter pancake served with vanilla ice cream
Duet of crepes suzette
Grand Marnier vanilla ice cream
Rhum Baba
Spicy Pineapple Carpaccio - Chantilly cream
3 scoops ice-cream cup
From our « Alpine Artisan Ice Creams » selection in Annecy
White Lemon Colonel scoop
Vodka & small bush of fresh fruits